Apple Pro Audio Reviews the Globe Microphone

Violet Design, Ltd is a microphone manufacturer in Riga, Latvia EU, producing some uniquely styled new microphone designs using time-honored... read more (PDF)

Downbeat Reviews the Flamingo Standard & Stereo Flamingo

Violet Design is not the first name that comes to mind when most people think of microphones, but that situation may change. This Latvian microphone... read more (PDF)

TapeOp Reviews the Globe Vintage & Amethyst Standard

Violet Design is a relatively new boutique microphone manufacturer founded by Juris Zarins, original manufacturer of the BLUE mic line. Violet’s microphones are all hand made... read more (PDF)

Violet Design Microphones Featured on Full Compass' Gearcast

In today's episode, Garry Templin and Lonya Nenashev of Violet Design are with us in the studio to talk about the full range of Violet Design microphones... hear more (MP3)

Pro Sound News Reviews the Vintage Amethyst

Fresh on the scene with a complete lineup of new microphones is Violet Design with mics manufactured in Latvia and its central offices in Estonia. Today... read more (PDF)

ProAudio Review Reviews the Amethyst Vintage

Its design elements may look vaguely familiar: a detached capsule housing, insectlike segmentation and well-made, Art Decostyled accoutrements. But the Amethyst Vintage is the pride... read more (PDF)

Slothtrop Music Reviews the Stereo Flamingo, Finger & Vintage Amethyst

As the owner of a small independent record label in Madison, I spend most of my time trying to sell my Artist’s records. However,... read more (PDF)

Randy Waldman (born September 8, 1955 in Chicago, Illinois) is a Grammy Award-winning American...