It is almost impossible to picture today's pro audio and recording industry without technological innovations introduced by Violet™ microphones. For end users, Violet's vast experience in microphone technologies coupled with graceful designs adds up to unprecedented quality. All Violet Design microphones are hand made in Latvia. Violet Design was founded in 2003 to facilitate the manufacturing and worldwide distribution of Violet™ and Flamingo™ branded microphones.

All Violet Design microphones are fully designed by Mr. Juris Zarins and manufactured under his personal control. He started his microphone business in the early 90's restoring vintage microphones such as U47, M50, C12 and manufacturing related accessories. Soon he realized that the technology of capsules could be improved even further and in 1997 a new generation of capsules were conceived, the first of which was the JZ002.

Our main philosophy is to offer handcrafted microphones with a unique look and a superior sound quality, using innovative solutions in manufacturing techniques without loosing details of "that" vintage microphone sound. We believe that in the process of music recording the most important things are passion and inspiration and nothing should get in the way of these two. So with our ideology we trust in three simple points: excellent performance, easy to use, good design.

To continually improve the sonic performance of our products, we have invested a lot in our research laboratories and manufacturing tooling. In the past few years we have been announcing a lot of innovative technologies and designs to the microphone industry, such as the "Magic Ear" capsule, a new design of shock mounts as well as metal mesh pop-filters and last, but not least the Global Pre - the smallest microphone preamplifier body for vintage bayonet heads.

After an extensive testing and research period, we announced in September 2005 our latest capsule diaphragm technology "Golden Drops". We introduced a new mixture of gold, copper and aluminium composite coating material, a layered diaphragm sputtering and variable coating thickness technique, thereby adding transparency, better sound commutation with membrane and reducing internal resonances and interferences.

At the heart of every microphone is its capsule - our hand crafted highest quality electrostatic transducers provide high output of the best quality audio signal and whilst handling extremely high SPL's at the same time. The Internal Class-A transformerless discrete electronics are of the highest standard, providing exceptionally low self-noise and distortion levels. Additionally, our microphone housings are designed with acoustic principles in mind.

We are one of the few companies in Pro Audio industry offering 10 years limited warranty on all our microphones, because we are confident that Violet™ mics are the most durable in the market.

The applications for Violet Design microphones are wide and diverse - you can use them in a recording studio or in a sound reinforcement, in broadcast or a TV studio, in the film or video industry, in a project studio or home recording.

The Violet Design team always listens very carefully to suggestions made by end-users to ensure we continually improve the products.


"Amethyst Vintage sounds awesome. Really amazing on cello." Bobby TahouriComposer.